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AviPack 33L

Available to ship: 1 week.

The AviPack 33L is designed for avalanche professionals. With 33 liters of available storage, it comfortably holds all the gear you need for a day in the backcountry. Each AviPack 33L ships with a refill kit (included in the price).

  • Available Colors: Black 
  • Available Torso Length: 19"

Select from 3 Options:

  1. AviPack 33L including a FULL cylinder (default). 
  2. AviPack 33L including an EMPTY cylinder. Select this option to fill the cylinder yourself.
  3. AviPack 33L including NO cylinder. Select this option if you already have a compatible cylinder.


  • The AviPack 33L requires a fully pressurized cylinder for the airbag system to work.
  • The AviPack 33L including a full cylinder is classified as a Dangerous Goods for shipping and incurs an extra shipping charge.
  • If you are planning to travel with a AviPack or may need to ship a AviPack, please see our support section for information on what options are available.